Stoneview's Head Chef and Owner Patrick Murphy has extensive experience in the industry having started his journey 18 years ago in Cork, Patrick then moved to London for several years working in some of London’s top restaurants. With his knowledge and passion for food Patrick wants to create a restaurant that never forgets the past but also looks to the future of Irish cuisine

Mr Murphy has also worked in some of Cork’s top restaurants and hotels, including Greene’s, Maryborough House and El Vino. Those years in Cork, plus many years in London and a stint in South America absorbing cultural nuances led him to Stoneview. Serving the likes of Elton John and the Sultan of Brunei along the journey, as well as serving under worldclass chefs means Mr Murphy knows how customers should be treated when they enter a restaurant.

The views from Stoneview Restaurant are uniquely Irish, Patrick had been looking for 18 months for the right fit and the first day he saw it he knew it was what he had been looking for. It fits with the Irishness Patrick wants to convey, the essence of what Stoneview is, green fields and one of Ireland’s most recognisable landmarks on a sunny day there are great views of the Castle. Not long in the Blarney area, but the word of mouth and rave reviews on social media proves he is on the right track.

Patrick says......“This restaurant is 10 years in the making. I looked at tapas or good old-fashioned Irish food. For me, people look at world-class restaurants with Mexican or Italian or French themes, but we have an outstanding offering here in Ireland. I would call our food ‘modern Irish’. Hundreds of years ago, Ireland was the standard internationally. You cannot tell me we don’t have worldclass produce. Why shouldn’t we have food that is desired by different cultures around the world?,”


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